Real Estate License Requirements

Real Estate License Requirements 1


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Before you begin working in realty, it is important to understand the requirements for licensing realty in your state. There are many requirements. Some states require fingerprinting or a background check. These can take several weeks and you will need to wait until they are complete before scheduling an exam. Additionally, the real estate exam is difficult to pass without extra study.

You will also need to complete continuing education courses. Your license must be kept current by taking at least 75 hours worth of real estate-related classes every year. Be sure to check that the courses are relevant to your state’s laws. For more information, contact the Board of Real Estate Commissioners of your state. The board reviews the laws and makes recommendations to the state. However, the board can’t make recommendations to lawmakers about legislation that may affect real estate licenses. You must also pass the annual license exam.


You must have completed a state approved education program before you can take and pass the Real Estate License Exam. Online resources can be found that are free and can help you prepare. These resources include real-world practice exams, flashcards, and questions and answers. You may also take a practice test that does not require you to spend any money.

You can increase your chances to pass the exam by taking a practice test. You can identify the areas you need to improve, and it can help you understand how the exam works. You should also memorize the mathematical formulas used in click through the next website page exam. These formulas can be used to answer any question on the exam.


Real estate licenses must be renewed every 4 years in order to remain valid. Licence holders will be notified by a reminder letter 60 days before expiry of their licenses. A 3-hour Law and Rule Required Course must be completed by license holders during the renewal process to remain current on all state and federal fair housing laws.

Incorrectly filling out the renewal form may result in disaffiliation. An agent can be placed in “nonaffiliation” status by the DRE if they have not filled out the renewal forms correctly.


There are many ways you can prepare for the realty license exam. A real estate exam prep course can be taken by the state’s department for real estate. The course can last anywhere from one to seven days. These classes include study questions, test-taking strategies and overviews of exam formats. Many include practice tests to help prepare for the realty license exam.

The national and state sections of the real estate license exam are divided into two parts. While the questions are identical across all states, some questions are unique to each. Study guides that are specific to click through the next website page state where you are applying can help you. In case you have any concerns concerning where and how to use Idaho Real Estate License, you could contact us at our page.