BPI Express Online Investment Fund Application

Investments will be the best way to grow your money, and it’s time that you made your money work for you today so that you can reap the huge benefits tomorrow. Read on for a full guide about how to use for a BPI Investment Fund via BPI Online Banking. All funds/products handled by BPI Asset Management are Trust and/or Investment Management Funds.

They are NOT DEPOSIT products, and are not covered by insurance by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). Because of the nature of the investments, produce and potential produces cannot be guaranteed. Any income or reduction due to market fluctuations and price volatility of the securities held by the Fund, even if committed to authorities securities, is perfect for the accounts of the buyer.

As such, devices of involvement/shares of the investor in the Fund, when redeemed, will probably be worth more or be well worth less than his/her initial participation/contribution. Historical performance, when presented, is solely for research purposes and is not an assurance of future results. BPI Asset Management is not liable for loss, unless upon willful default, noticeable bad beliefs or gross negligence.

4. Rates are through the roof. Have mortgage rates of interest up gone? Yes. Is the Fed signaling they plan to increase rates, too? Last week’s reported 30-year home loan rates were 3.94 percent, and 15-year rates were right around 3%. Given that the record low rates clocked in at 3.31 (30-year) and 2.62 (15-year), even today’s higher rates are not worth your is concerned.

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Nor can be an increase of rates more likely to cause all the pent-up buyer demand of the previous few years to dissipate. My Dad used to remind me that individuals bought homes when rates were 14% in the 80’s, and they will get them now, even as they inches up – because they want and want places to live.

5. Foreclosures are something of days gone by. Through the recession, many banks and mortgage servicers began to hold hundreds of thousands of foreclosed homes off the market to avoid flooding it, depressing prices even more than they already were. And even now, these institutions continue to trickle them onto the marketplace, rather than making a deluge of home inventory.

Additionally, home loan regulators now allow servicers to book REOs, versus offering them, also to keep them as long as 5 or 10 years following foreclosure, if needed. While we are seeing a steep decline in the true number of newly foreclosed homes, we can get to have a higher-than-average quantity of foreclosed homes – REOs – on the marketplace for some years to come. ALL: How do you feel as the real property recovery?

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