How Are Your Services NOT THE SAME AS The Competition’s?

It’s not possible to interact individually with every person who may be thinking about our salon services. That’s why I choose brochure and website to promote my business to both existing and clients. I strongly recommend that other salon owners do the same. However, unless you’re a competent writer, graphic designer and website developer, you shouldn’t attempt these marketing projects on your own. Without the requisite ability, the results would be inferior and amateurish, and that’s certainly not the first impression I’d want to make. If that sounds snobbish, recognize that I rarely encounter a salon brochure or website that impresses me.

I don’t accept the excuse of a limited budget; it doesn’t cost any more to spell words correctly and use proper grammar. Even though salon owners spend big money on the marketing, the results can be unsatisfactory and inadequate, repelling clients rather than appealing to them. I’ve already written extensively about my experience developing a salon website (Stylist, February, 2012), a continuing collaborative process between my graphic designer/website developer and myself.

Every month, we update and refine the content to keep it relevant. With so much focus on establishing an online presence, some might question whether a brochure will probably be worth doing. After all, a brochure doesn’t have the same reach as a website, and printed once, it cannot be changed without reprinting, making the previous one outdated.

While I appreciate the power and capability of a highly effective website, I believe that a brochure is still necessary as a tangible representation of my salon. Producing a good brochure may seem simple, but if was true, more salons would have them. In my own Brochure Basics course, I task salon owners to communicate the culture of their salon and the worthiness of their services in written form. This isn’t easy. How do you explain the knowledge of your salon to the people who’ve never experienced it? How are your services different from the competition? How do you respond to the most frequently asked questions? If a salon owner hasn’t considered some of this, then it’s time!

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A brochure can’t perform services, but if done well, it’ll generate interest and present you additional time to do fingernails rather than talk about them. To make a brochure more unique even, a salon owner can add information about the salon’s background, its personnel, or various other point of difference. To get more than twenty years, Precision Nails has redefined toenail care through enhancements in safety, quality, and professionalism. This content of the brochure is as important as how it looks. And I obsess on the wording until it cannot possibly be any more immediate, concise, or accurate.

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