“Toddlers And Tiaras” Beauty Pageants: Are They BEST FOR Our Children?

Would you get into your son or daughter into a beauty pageant? This is a controversial concern along which responsible parents and nurturing adults are divided. You can find parents who convince themselves that they’re contending in pageants is run under religious auspices makes it perfectly safe. Furthermore, parents think that pageants are a good thing for their children because it builds self-confidence and esteem. There are even parents who state that their daughters asked to compete.

However, year old be taken seriously if she asks to be in a pageant should four? In fact, should a ten-year-old be taken seriously and, do we consent to do everything our children ask? Alternatively, there are people who have a dim view of these youngster pageants.

First, they cite the tragic case of Jean Benet Ramsey, a participant in a pageant, who was found murdered. Many believed that her death was connected to the pageant she was in directly. Many people caution these beauty competitions attract sexual predators. It must be stated that the reason for Jean Binet’s death is unknown.

Psychologists and psychiatrists mainly concur that pageants, such as Tiaras and “Toddlers,” reinforce negative feminine body image issues that lead to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. As evidence of this they mental health experts explain the trend towards the starting point of eating disorders at much youthful ages than previously. For instance, beauty competitions emphasize the “barbie doll” image of what a beauty queen should appear to be.

The trouble is that there surely is no way for a human being to look that way since it is so exaggerated. Mental health experts point out the fact these child pageants have the result of sexualizing women. In other words, the stereotyped thinking that females as intimate items is harmful to these small children.

Their constitute, types and clothes of dances all concentrate on being sexy. When you have any doubt about this, just watch the TV show to see for yourself. It’s important to improve the relevant question about whether these children you live out illusion wishes harbored by their mothers. In other words, under this theory, the mothers are using the young children to fulfill their own youth wants and dreams.

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The concern about this is that the children are narcissistic extensions of their mom rather than growing into the independent people they should become. Isn’t it more important to focus our children, male and female, on the truly important achievements in a competitive world, such as technology and math? Are toddlers and ten-year-old children being asked to compete in Math, English, SPANISH, and Science “pageants? What are the ideals that are being communicated by putting children through beauty pageants?

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