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American Eagle metallic bullion gold coin sales are going toward another season of record breaking sales. 2015 sales year-to-date have exceeded the same period in 2014. Sales through the third week in October are 38,986,000 oz. In comparison to last year’s 38,121,000 ounces. Sales could have been even higher except that demand has been so high, it has wiped out America Mint’s inventories, and outstripped its capability to create fast enough to replenish those inventories. The coins have been on / off allocation for the past six months. This quantity has been nothing in short supply of astounding.

Pre-Financial Crisis sales were 9,887,000 ounces in 1997. They doubled in 2008 to 19,583,500 ounces plus they doubled by 2011 to 39 again,868,500 ounces. What’s behind earlier this background making demand for U.S.-made gold bullion coins? While it definitively is hard to state, there are several likely reasons. The weakening American economy has cast a question on the effectiveness of quantitative easing and low interest rates, which in turn impacts confidence in the money. However, the dollar is more powerful than its peers and deflation is more of a fear than inflation.

But in times of financial uncertainty, investors usually want to hedge their wagers by diversifying their portfolios into tangible possessions like silver. Most individual investors don’t have the same hedging alternatives that institutional traders do. Esoteric derivatives and even expensive platinum are out of grab most individual investors usually. Silver is cheaper and therefore less expensive than gold, which is attractive to smaller individual investors. Silver has become a speculative investment because the silver-to-gold ratio is out of whack.

The historical percentage in the modern economic period is 50 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. Today, it takes 74 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. Either silver is overpriced or silver is underpriced. Considering that metallic prices are in five-year lows, speculative investors are betting on the bigger probability that gold is underpriced. This demand has required the Mint break processing records every year, only to continue to have supply flunk of demand. This development is likely to continue until individual investors are convinced that the U.S.

There are also unrealistic goals about how easy it would be to split up the investment arm, one mature banker said. You may still find big capital advantages from owning a diversified, universal bank or investment company, and the practical considerations of separation for financing, capital, systems, and contracts are huge. Much will depend on who gets control as CEO or chairman and exactly how keen UK authorities are to influence the lender.

“Probably whoever comes in will try to lessen the scale of the investment bank or investment company and look to address the department of payment and rewards for shareholders, that is not in equilibrium,” the mature banker said. While others note it is the board that models the strategy so there shouldn’t be an abrupt sea-change. Four months Diamond shifted in the opposite direction back, falling to the Barclays Capital name for the investment bank or investment company under a plan to align all businesses under “One Barclays”. Now, morale is low and bankers know it could remember to restore the bank’s reputation. “I ask you now to intensify with me compared to that problem,” Ricci informed staff within an email seen by Reuters.

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Ricci, a no-nonsense American who joined Barclays in 1994, has always preferred to let Diamond do BarCap’s talking and it is more at home on the competition course. Barclays got into investment banking with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s “Big Bang” deregulation of the British financial industry in 1986, acquiring small homes to create BZW, an investment arm. It ranks second in debt market revenues this season and going back 10 years has fought with J.P.Morgan for top-level spot. This season It ranks sixth in advisory and ninth in equity market profits, both up from 10th place in 2005, according to Thomson Reuters data.

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