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The sudden explosion of liquid eyeliner inhabitants at madokeki HQ. 3 to 4 4 (addition of dollywink). MAYBELLINE hypersharp liner (dark), HEROINE MAKE soft water eyeliner (dark), KATE super sharp liners spider liner II (BK-1). COLOUR: all three of these are jet dark. MAYBELLINE seems a little diluted because it was completely new while I watched it.

FINISH: MAYBELLINE is the only matte black liner, while HEROINE KATE and MAKE both has a slight sheen to it. WATERPROOF: all claims to be waterproof, but MAYBELLINE are the main one with a waterproof formula, while HEROINE KATE and MAKE are film-type eyeliners. OIL PROOF: they all claim to be oil proof, but I think HEROINE MAKE is the only one which does the job well really. MAYBELLINE and KATE might melt when there’re oil AND heat. MAKEUP REMOVAL: both HEROINE MAKE and KATE are film-type eyeliners, they could be removed with tepid to warm water. HEROINE MAKE can come off easily with an eye makeup remover too, but KATE leaves behind a black stain for reasons unknown.

MAYBELLINE must be removed by an attention-makeup remover and it cannot be removed by hot water at all. RELIABILITY: HEROINE MAKE is the only eyeliner I can trust since it never melted or smudged on me. KATE and MAYBELLINE both melted on my eye before (especially if I didn’t powder my eye).

  • Reduces appearance of marks
  • Use rich moisturizers after each bath (ointments and creams may be best)
  • Full of sophistication serum, Lush, £8.25 for 20g
  • 2 years ago from British Columbia, Canada
  • 6 years back from Hamburg, New York
  • Black or White? Most definitely black
  • Burst the Blemishes
  • 2 Tablespoons Fine Ground Sea Salt or White Sugar or Cornmeal

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