35 Million In Financial Assistance

In quality Yaya Jammeh style, Gambians were up to date of the government’s decision to severe diplomatic relations with the Republic of China in Taiwan (ROC), the official name of Taiwan, in a short statement from the working office of the President. Until today, Taiwan has been, undoubtedly, the most crucial diplomatic partner of Yaya Jammeh, not necessarily of The Gambia, and so because it was a money diplomatic relationship necessarily.

Economic and financial aid was prolonged in 1995 to a military routine that was fighting because of its political survival in trade for the recognition of Taiwan as the genuine representative of the Chinese people. Initially, the school funding was generalized to help the MILITARY Provisional Ruling Council (AFPRC) however the aid soon got an individual coloration that proceeded to go directly into the hands of Yaya Jammeh for distribution as he noticed fit. 35 million in financial assistance, part which proceeded to go in to the wallets of Jammeh directly, Council people and several civilians who facilitated the diplomatic switch of allegiance from the People Republic of China to Taiwan.

Prior to the Sino-America rapprochement in 1973, ideology was a prime motivator for preserving relationships with Taiwan as they distinguish themselves as anti-communist and democratic. It was this ideological motivation that drove the Jawara regime, that pride itself as democratic and anti-communist, to at first recognized Taiwan before switching to the People’s Republic of China.

The end of the Cold War saw the finish of the ideology as the selling point for recognition in exchange for financial and financial inspiration. Trading reputation for cash became very attractive for small and poor countries in Africa and the island countries in the Caribbean and Oceania. In the same way the reason why for drawback from the Commonwealth was unclear, Gambia’s decision to severe diplomatic ties with Taiwan is equally unclear, but definitely not new or uncommon.

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For instance, since forging diplomatic ties Taiwan in 1962 originally, Central and Senegal African Republic have switched five times between Taiwan and China, driven by ideology but later by financial and financial initially. Ten countries, including African countries like Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Gambia, Lesotho and Liberia have switched more often than once.

500 million. As the Taiwanese aid package to the Gambia and its’ administration is not clear, it is difficult to estimate its size. The general public is provided with a monthly dosage of check presentations by the Taiwanese Ambassador to The Gambia for education, agriculture and a varieties of other areas. These checks finish up in special below-the-line accounts.

It is not unusual for some of them to be cashed and carded off for the State House. Taiwan has helped trained numerous Gambians in many fields, in ITC and petroleum executive especially. The personalization of Taiwan financial aid package is the main reason for the break in diplomatic relations perhaps. Jammeh became the real face of everything Taiwan. The checks are presented to him or his Vice President at State House. The huge scholarship or grant program with straight under Jammeh’s control. He is the main one who chooses the recipients, often without regard to qualification and/or aptitude or competence.