The World Of Ryallon

Why will a blog? Lots of individuals haven’t asked me this question Actually, nobody has. But I’ve decided to answer fully the question as though that they had. The answer is. I’m not going to tell you before the end of this post. That real way, you have to learn everything until you get to underneath.

Never brain. I’ll just tell you now and you will read in the future or not. It is done by me because the two bunnies make me blog just like a puppetmaster makes his puppets dance. That is right. The two bunnies are in control. You are surprised, I know. Evolution of the blog.

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I started this website because I used to be told that it was an important tool to advertise books. Actually, I had been told that I should start my very own website for my books. That sounded like a complete lot more work. I must say I should start my very own website still. However, I’ve done more research since that time and discovered it truly is a lot of work.

My time is bound and I’d rather spend it writing books, so I settled for a blog. I named it “The World of Ryallon” because that’s where my fantasy novels take place. Talking about marketing, feel free to try my books, if you haven’t already. The two bunnies recommend my Stories for Demented Children.

The blog is rolling out as time passes though. I don’t utilize it to market near as much as I should. Instead, I use it to talk about stuff on the rare occasion that I actually feel like talking about anything. A lot of my content is arbitrary musings about life and things I think about.

Most of them are probably a very good sign, which I lack sanity. I write lessons for other authors as well. These include details on how to create, edit, market, and different other details involved in self-publishing. A lot of these lessons are part of my journey and sharing the things I’ve learned on the way.