Faking Good Breeding

Someone commented previously this week with a question on primers and requested that I really do a post which products are essential for someone hoping to look their best for a special occasion. I’ll deal with the next part of that question in a later post, but I’d like to address the question of primers today.

First, what is primer? Mascara primer comes mounted on or with a mascara often, and it supposedly makes your eyelashes much longer and thicker and the mascara stay longer, but I’ve heard that it often just eventually ends up clumping and being truly a waste of time. If anyone has experience with a mascara primer that works well, please post a comment. If you’re sick of getting creased vision shadow (this is particularly a problem with cream eyeshadows), you should look into eye shadow primer. A popular product is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Beauty Addict evaluated it and reviews it exceeded every test lately, and is perspiration, sleep, and humidity-proof.

Foundation primer is the most popular, because as anyone who uses base understands, it’s difficult to apply it evenly, make it look natural and get it to stay all day. Unfortunately, most good foundation primers require quite an investment, because unlike eye shadow, lipstick or mascara, it’s often hard to find a good primer at a low price, so do your research before buying. This season and ranked them Blogdorf Goodman examining 40 different primers earlier. You can read the wonderfully detailed reviews here and here. MakeupAlley also offers a huge selection of reviews of primers, so check them out before you shop. So how have you any idea whether you will need a primer?

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