Management Theory Review

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Students are judged in real-life business terms; successful projects are praised, unsuccessful ones are scrapped. Finance students learn about the dynamics of financial decision making, the behavior of financial marketplaces, managing financial risk, valuing financial securities, and analyzing financial opportunities. While for-profit, nonprofit, and open public firms talk about some financial concepts, students focus in only one of these areas generally. As may be apparent, strong mathematical and quantitative reasoning skills are key.

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This is a growing international field of research, for the private sector especially. Job prospects are usually good. This field of study begins with foundational courses in economics and finance and then branch into specialized fields such as corporate finance, capital raising, or international finance. Not every planned program has co-op or internship opportunities, but a fund major is prompted to seek summer-time employment.

Especially in the later years of the major, group work will be emphasized and assignments will carry increasingly more of the “real life” quality. There’s a theoretical field of finance as well, and for this, students will want to prepare themselves for graduate research and pursue advanced mathematical work. Linked to the narrower field of restaurant and hotel management, hospitality administration is a major that prepares students for a career in the management of hotels, resorts, travel services, recreational facilities, and food delivery services. That is for students who would like a business education but do not see themselves working in a typical office environment.

It is ideal for students who enjoy dealing with people, exploring new places, and resolving problems. Opportunities for work and advancement are good. Travel is a requirement often. This major is usually offered as a specialty in a school of business. Because this is a business-related major, students start with the basic business administration array of courses before branching into more specified courses in hospitality management. Students may have to be able to take more course work in a single particular field, such as resort management or marketing or travel, however the major is intended to introduce the student to all aspects of the industry.

Many programs offer co-op opportunities or internships; most require them. A hotel is a complicated system, serviced by personnel with a variety of skills and trades and operated on a 24-7 basis. Managing such a complex entity is a specialized study under the umbrella of business administration, using its own array of courses and disciplines. Hotel management is the scholarly study of the info and skills needed to administer and direct this organization, from a sole proprietorship to a sizable corporate operation. Colleges offering the baccalaureate in the program frequently attract their upper-division students from those people who have pursued an identical program at a two-year college.