HOW DO YOU Install Playground On My Windows Tablet Or Computer?

Here are the steps to download and locate Playground Sessions on your Windows computer. 1. Head to our website, select Support in the top menu, and choose ‘Download Playground’ from the drop-down. 2. Click on the installer for Windows to begin the download. 3. Locate the installer you merely downloaded in your Downloads folder by going to your documents folder and then simply clicking ‘Downloads’ in the menu on the still left.

Double go through the Playground installer (Playground.msi) to begin the set up. 4. When prompted, select ‘Run’ to allow the computer to install the application form and then follow the rest of the prompts to complete the installation. 5. At the very last part of the Setup Wizard, you’ll be prompted to click on ‘Finish’.

If ‘Launch Playground Sessions’ box is checked off, Playground Sessions will automatically release. 6. If Playground Sessions doesn’t launch, locate the application by heading down to your Start Menu and keying in ‘Playground’ into the search pub. 7. In the search results, double-click on the document called ‘Playground’ that has an icon with a white note on a blue background and it will launch the application.

1. Open your main documents folder on the bottom left and then navigate to the Playground folder: This PC – Disk (C:) – Program Files (x86) – Playground. 2. Right click on the Playground software that has an icon with a white take note on a blue history and choose ‘Create Shortcut’ from the drop-down menu. You might see a pop up asking if the shortcut is wanted by you to be placed on the desktop instead, click ‘Yes’ and you’ll start to see the Playground icon on your Desktop.

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