35.00 In Dividends. A Year In

It demonstrates my strategy of income with development (as secondary) is working. 5. For the novice investor and reader of this blog, it demonstrates that small regular investments accumulate. Without further ado, allow me to expand on the above mentioned. 150 of SPHD and today own about 31 shares. 35.00 in dividends. In a year, I’ve doubled my monthly payout!

2000 monthly in dividends to complement sociable security and retirement. This will need at least 10 years, however the numbers show that I’m making good improvement. My portfolio diversification effort continues. I am still over weight in AT&T and am adding to SPHD to provide a much better cross-section of American equities. I consider AT&T, SPHD, Realty Income, and PGX as primary positions and also have no plans to sell.

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  5. You claim your loss with an itemized tax return
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I’ve written with this blog that income is more a focus for me than growth. Growth is a second consideration and the reason is simple: I can easily monitor dividend obligations and cut quickly if an equity does not pay or cuts its dividend. With an emphasis on monthly payers, a big change can be made quickly and I “sleep better at night”. Growth is harder to predict, requires more analysis, and many external factors affect growth more than income.

For me, this is a workable strategy. For others, growth might become more important with income as a secondary consideration. This website – Investment Income – is geared toward the investor or individual that wants or needs additional income, other than salary or wages. Many people are retired, disabled or struggle to pay regular debts.

I am not rich. I am handicapped from 25 years of multiple sclerosis and go on disability income – not much. 200 goes to investment products with three brokerages: CapitalOne, Robinhood, and Fidelity. With this blog, I am endeavoring to demonstrate that a little invested and kept will change lives within the long-term. I turned 50 the other day and my major earning years are behind me now. I scrape and save like most everyone else. I do plan on living for another 30 to 50 years and can need additional income as I grow older. This website is proof that income via dividends can be done and something that practically anyone can do.

Cheers and happy investing to all or any! Feel absolve to comment and share your thoughts. I am not just a professional investor , nor represent myself therefore. My investment decisions and this blog are truthful and reflect my actual revenue and investment decisions. These choice are appropriate for me and are not meant as suggestions or recommendations to buy for anyone else. Individual investors need to perform due diligence and keep in mind that prior performance will not predicate future results.

Did Walmart need to go to the federal government to ask if they could shut down a store? They had a need to take action for survival. It is thought by me is an excellent thing that banking institutions combine resources to better serve the buyer. If the consumer groups don’t get in line might not be much left to regulate there. We must be permitted to evolve. How do acquisition-minded CEOs of big banks use these organizations?