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Sales and marketing are both necessary processes which allow all business ventures to achieve success. However, they are used collectively so frequently that their specific meanings tend to get muddled together. Both terms so interdependent on each other that defining one term often requires comparing it to the other. For small and medium businesses, these two processes have a tendency to be performed by the same individual or the same group of personnel, which is why they are generally puzzled as one process. The boundaries between your two conditions (or business departments) often overlap, but this actually makes them both far better.

It should be mentioned that a marketing plan without a complementing sales process would provide the whole plan useless, while a sales process with no marketing plan would hardly produce satisfactory results, if any in any way. Of both conditions, marketing has a broader definition. Marketing is how you present your products and services to your prospects and is done so the sales process can proceed much faster and eventually result in a shut sale.

In all essentiality, marketing is all you do to place your products and services on the market. A sale can’t ever happen without some type of marketing preceding it, which is sufficient to say that a huge number of qualified sales leads from a to generate leads campaign is the merchandise of impressive marketing strategies. A highly effective amalgam of sales and marketing is important to be able to pull off a successful lead generation campaign. After the sales leads have been certified, the team accountable for appointment setting comes in to initiate the actual selling process.

  • 21 February 2014: Updated code to handle triple-digit cash flow
  • Do not broaden your business too fast
  • 24 hours each day… 48 hours / (24 hours/day) = 2 days
  • Population development: Likely to reach 8 billion by 2024 and 9 billion by 2050

Especially for business to business companies, the sales process will be difficult to complete unless business appointments are created to initiate a connection with the leads. Most business owners run their business without a clear understanding of how both of these processes interact. However, focusing on how to differentiate sales and marketing can help your business in developing effective ways to maximize profitable results.

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