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The real start shot is given at ODTUG today (Monday). This was an interactive program about APEX. We’re able to ask questions to a team of four individuals: Scott Spendolini, Michael Snyder, Greg Jarmiolowski and Patrick Cimolini. Each of them acquired different kind of experience using APEX. Most experienced, of course, was Scott.

The audience was very lively! 1. Is APEX a toy or could it be a real development environment? They all agreed that APEX is a genuine development environment and serious business. From little to big program. Michael Snyder from CASEtech also explained what they have been doing in their firm. They redeveloped all their forms applications in APEX.

2. Just how much effort would it take to learn APEX? Patrick Cimonline from Cayman Islands Government told in what he did with his team (some COBOL programmers). In no time they worked with APEX! You can read more concerning this on Scott’s Blog. Scott too informed a good one! The record to construct a credit card applicatoin is a quarter-hour! Basically an Oracle sales expert went to a customer, were he took a particular Excel of them and put that in APEX. The client immediate said, Ok, allow it there – it was creation -. 3. A comment from the audience that some “Error Messages” in APEX aren’t yet translated in other dialects.

To make the APEX dev team aware of it, we all should log about any of it in Metalink, the more the better! 4. APEX in creation? And what are the security issues? 5. Are there some best practices for APEX? The data model is important really. APEX is approximately 90% preparation and 10% painting!

  1. Leave Local Computer selected and click Finish
  2. The artwork, music, or film website
  3. Adding an HTML tag to your home page,
  4. ALTROM Rear Seal no. 2116020 from Napa ($13)
  5. Improve a terminal setting

6. How to work with Reports in APEX? There’s a whitepaper available of Scott (see OTN). 7. Think about a version control system in/collectively with APEX? You can do an export of the application and put it into cvs. Scott makes an export every day of his schema/workspace via an automatic script (example how to take action on OTN and APEX studio, seek out window job). Next compared to that, as everything is within the database you can use your backup strategy for ex.

8. For the ODTUG website how exactly does the download of the docs work. Store the blob’s in your own schema/furniture and use the typical efficiency of APEX. 9. Think about PDF’s in APEX? third party reporting tool. I use for ex girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s foreseen that Oracle will include something to generate pdf’s in the 3.0 release.

Do you utilize a methodology? You should have good understandings with each communicate and other. In APEX you can use for ex. Page locks to avoid working on the same pages. 11. Think about the hype round Fusion? The choice between using Java or PL/SQL depends upon your inhouse talent. Webservices for ex. are possible with pl/sql also. 12. % of using PL/SQL packages, standard APEX, custom features (javascript, css)?

Depends on project and customer. This should be improved, but it’s already possible to do it yourself. There ‘ll be a talk about this on at ODTUG later. In the news was something about a stolen laptop. In the Access application were some important personal information (greater than 10.000 individuals!). This shows that you need to use something else for critical applications again! There was the scary presentation of Donald Burleson about Oracle 10g Privacy Security Auditing Techniques.

The part, I found was missing, were the answers to handle each one of these threads! I suppose it’s in another of his books (he provided some away for free, but I didn’t have the luck to get one). I also implemented the presentation of Rich Niemiec about Tuning Oracle 9i/10g using Statspack! But I’m more a DBA (or something between a DBA and a DEV, I call myself a DBA4DEV), maybe for a few developers it was too complicated, but I find that they ought to know this too! The last display of today for me personally was Application Development Tuning Best Practices. Personally I didn’t such as this presentation, as I don’t believe that you’ve some “guidelines” in app dev tuning which you should follow each and every time! Day with lots of interesting what to learn I came across it a lovely! Of Monday are here The pictures.