Alpha Destination Management Achieves 8 Per Cent Growth In 2019

Alpha Destination Management, the primary destination management company in the Arabian Gulf, has authorized superb development in 2017. Making the announcement, Mr. Ghassan Aridi, CEO of Alpha Destination Management, said, “2017 have been a very good or for us. Season which is great We registered a growth of almost eight per cent compared to last. Some markets such as the CIS, specifically the Russian market, came back very strongly. We’ve also seen a good increase from the united kingdom market.

Talking about the new developments that emerged in 2017 in the UAE tourism sector, Mr. Aridi, pressured, “In 2017 many marketplaces returned in a large way while other markets disappeared altogether for some reasons. The UAE tourism sector under the command of H.E. Helal Saeed Almarri, Director General of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Business Marketing (DTCM), and his team have done a congrats in executing the outstanding eyesight of H.H. Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Primary and Vice-President Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

As a destination, the UAE continues to win over both guests and residents with a tourism product that never ceases to develop. Dubai’s tourism basics are strong and its vision incomparable extremely. The solid foundation that the Federal government has set up through broadening portfolio of leisure and business attractions, and facilities, diversification of source markets, collaboration between various business sectors will continue to boost and sustain demand”.

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Founded in 1996, by Mr. Ghassan Aridi and his partners, Alpha Destination Management is the best destination management company and a pioneer in the tourism sector in the Arabian Gulf. Over the last two decades, the business has established itself among the most credible and reputed brands not only in the Gulf region but also in the international travel and leisure industry.

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