THE WAY I Fell OUT Of Love With Tweezerman Tweezers

What I might or may not have didn’t mention for the reason that post is that I’m a bit of an eyebrow phenom. The very first thing I do every morning as I sit back to do my makeup is turning my mirror over to the magnifying part and stare within my eyebrows.

For some super-strange reason I get such pleasure out of finding those sneaky dark hairs aiming to mess up my brows and then yanking them out (is it just me?). 5 or less cheaper at the drug store, this was a huge splurge for me personally. But I needed to be heard from countless individuals who these were the creme de la creme, and the reviews online were only stellar.

  • Fragile (matte hot red)
  • 1 x Lip Brush 10.5cm
  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • Identify Your Skin Type
  • Give antibiotic / anti-inflammatory appropriate program

In all fairness, the tweezers DID execute congrats for the first 2 roughly years that these were had by me. Initially, dare I say, they were TOO sharp and I had to be careful never to cut or pinch my skin with them. But slowly over time, and quite naturally I assumed, the tips became boring and eventually would only grip the longest, most accessible hairs easily, which didn’t do me much good.

So off they visited the free sharpening gods and, true to their word, it required a complete 6 weeks for my tweezers arrive back in my possession. I was SO thrilled to get my tweezers back again, and initially, I was SO impressed. They packed my tweezers in a really nice leather storage case and added a defensive plastic material “shield” to the tips.

No joke, it appears as if the elegant tweezer gods didn’t do a darn thing to the tweezers that I sent them. Regardless of the way the tweezers are changed by me, grasp the tweezers, switch hands or ankles, the damn thing shall not grip my eyebrow hairs. The experience has turned my favorite morning ritual into one which I now dread, because I know that I will be taunted by those annoying little hairs that I could no longer pull out with the flick of the wrist.

If this were just a normal pair of tweezers, I wouldn’t care and attention a lick. But when you promise to the world that these are top-of-the-line, that you’ll have them for a “lifetime,” and that there surely is free sharpening to guarantee all this, the company really must deliver! There’s nothing that disappoints or angers me more than a company that makes false promises to sell their product.

At the finish of your day, the tweezers still did their job for 2 years, so I probably paid the same amount for my Tweezerman tweezers as I would have for a number of therapies that get duller faster. But people let’s be real. Don’t sell me some snake oil and tell me it’s a cure for cancer. Have you purchased a set of Tweezerman tweezers and experienced them sharpened ever? Did your experience go better than mine? I want to know in the remarks below.