Adam Markus: Graduate Admissions Guru: 7/1/16

Here I discuss INSEAD’s essays for September 2017 Entry (Class of July 2018). The application has been updated and there’s a video element now. Since 2001, once I began doing MBA admissions counseling, I have had an opportunity to work with a sizable number of clients admitted to INSEAD. Since establishing my own consulting practice in 2007, I’ve worked with 40 clients admitted to INSEAD.

Annual breakdowns and testimonials from clients admitted to INSEAD can be found here. Being a matter of disclosure, I attended INSEAD’s Executive Masters in Consulting for Change (EMCCC 16J Wave 18), at the Singapore campus, that I have previously discussed on this blog. In October 2016 I will be graduating. Therefore, unlike other Business Schools that I write about, I am part of the INSEAD community.

I go to alumni events, have taken modules with a few of the same faculty who instruct in the MBA program, and have spent a significant timeframe on-campus. My program happened on the Singapore campus, but I’ve been on the Fontainebleau campus as well in April of this year, when a few of my classmates and I traveled visited talk with our thesis consultant there. While INSEAD will not ask a “Why INSEAD?” question, much like other schools, I strongly suggest becoming informed about INSEAD.

Attending admission occasions, achieving alumni, and making full use of INSEAD’s online language resources are crucial for making the most powerful possible case for why your targets require an INSEAD education. You should most certainly take a look at INSEAD KNOWLEDGE and listen to some INSEAD Knowledgecasts. Finally, retain in mind that INSEAD is a fun school, so express your personality in conditions of why you want to attend it.

INSEAD.Degree.Programmes for the latest INSEAD information. Additionally, some Alumni chapters have events where prospective candidates can attend. Reaching out to alumni and current students, is always among the best ways to learn about a school. Of course, when you can visit INSEAD, I recommend doing so. While relatively hidden compared to the true way other academic institutions mention in the application and instructions, INSEAD requires the upload of the Curriculum Vitae (job application) for the MBA program.

This practice only started a year ago, so there is still a bit of confusion about it, especially because of the Job Description content (see below). The supporting documents page includes a place for uploading a CV, which is a required document. To the essays Now. The application form requires four short answers (and one optional) of unspecified length for some very important questions. I have asked before about the space and for whatever reason they don’t provide instructions or a guideline.

Since the prior length was 300 words or less, that is what I have significantly told my clients so. Since they have been admitted writing answers of that length, that is exactly what I shall continue steadily to tell clients until INSEAD expresses usually. Among these relevant questions is approximately your post-MBA goals, which means this goes beyond the job description and it is the only goals essay in the application form.

  1. Do Gap Analysis
  2. How you heard about the information
  3. Quality Engineering and Strategy
  4. Technology & ITSecurity, Web Design
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“ADAM: Regarding professional experience, what to do you look for in a youthful (very early twenties) and older (late twenties or thirties) applicants? DEBORAH: For all applicants we want to see a track record of professional achievements that models them aside from their peers. For all those with only 1-2 many years of professional experience, they need to show something distinctive in their profile, perhaps they have started their own company. Based on my experience with INSEAD applicants, the above-mentioned declaration from Deborah is accurate completely. INSEAD is relatively forgiving of those with limited (1-2 years) of professional experience as long as there is certainly something distinctive about their background, but also for most applicants, INSEAD is expecting to visit a clear pattern of career growth.

Deborah’s comment about candidates in the same position for five years is also really telling as it factors to the fact that INSEAD wants applicants who are not complacent. Keep in mind that an INSEAD admission committee contains faculty and alumni and the latter, in particular, will probably have clear anticipations of what good profession growth appears like.