Economics Of Medieval Guilds

Guilds played an important role in the economies of Europe from about the 11th century up through the 16th century, and a continuing if less important role up into the 19th century. Sheilagh Ogilvie, the go-to financial historian on this subject, has a fresh book out called The European Guilds: An Economic Analysis (published by Princeton University Press and of course on Amazon, too). I do not believe that one can and in good faith hold that these guilds seriously, their exclusive privileges, the barriers they impose to work, emulation, and improvement in the creative arts are of any electricity.

Likewise, Reince Priebus was not individually the best person for the work of Chief of Staff — he is an area of the GOP Establishment, delivered to advance its interests within the White House. What leverage will the RNC have? Well, keep in mind when Priebus was regularly threatening to stage a contested convention, even though it was obvious Trump was going to win more than enough delegates?

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That’s a very real danger that they, as the leaders of the Party whose nomination Trump was seeking, could continue on. Somehow that plan never materialized. Much like any potential successor to Pentagon boarding party member McMaster, any shake-up in the White House that ousting Priebus and Spicer will not change things if their replacements are other representatives of the GOP Establishment. That remains a possibility, with the leverage being that the RNC shall organize with GOP Congressmen to essentially sabotage Trump regarding legislation, visits, not attacking Dems who demand impeachment, and so forth.

I’d look more to Trump followers who identify as Independents once and for all analysis, as well as Leftists who focus on economics and politics than SJW social-cultural BS rather. Not to mention the retarded conspiracy theories about Trump and Putin. The mainstream Left has nothing to provide anybody. But we ourselves need to keep our eyes on group-level dynamics, lest we turn into mirror-images of the loony Left.

That pertains to our electoral goals as well, but that is clearly a subject for another post. Briefly, though, Trump Tea or supporters Party people are obsessed with primarying their arch-nemesis McCain, specifically, even though he’s an incumbent since permanently who symbolizes very powerful groups and lobbies (like the Saudis). Those public people should have tried to primary Rob Portman from Ohio instead, but he sailed through targeted while all the interest was on McCain’s primary. In short, don’t obsess within the interpersonal crisis among specific personalities.

For the Trump motion, politics is not merely some theatrical performance that people want a more entertaining version of, following the boring or depressing variations we’ve seen up to now. We wish real-world outcomes change. For that, we need to identify which groupings are on our part, and how to use their distinctive leverage to our benefit, and which organizations oppose us, and how to adjust to their leverage. And, how to grow our side, knowing which groups support us, as well as how to shrink or neuter the other aspect, knowing which groups support them.

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