Upgrading RAM In The Acer Aspire One D250 Netbook

Update 2015: Its amazing looking back at the netbook trend and exactly how quickly the marketplace exploded and then just as quickly collapsed with tablets becoming the next big thing after them. Netbooks are great, cheap mobile computing platform. If they were first released, they truly became very popular rapidly, with manufacturers scrambling to fill up the new market with cheap, light and attractive products.

In order to make them so cheap, manufacturers often cut-back on adding high end hardware components. Among these would be RAM. Most netbooks delivered with no more than 1GB of RAM, while the majority of them support no more than 2 GB of RAM or more, depending on chipset and motherboard configurations. This 1GB is enough for most users who only use their netbook for word processing, email and light web browsing. My very own netbook, the Acer Aspire One D250, only delivered with 1GB of RAM. This was fine until I needed to do some more serious multitasking online. Thus I understood I soon had a need to up grade and!

There are extensive different rates of speed of RAM available for different decades of netbooks (designed to use different chipsets). The easiest way to discover which kind of RAM your netbook uses is to simply check the specifications on the manufacturer’s website. However, you can also use Crucial’s website to find out the kind of RAM you need. They provide a system scanner that can scan your netbook from your browser. Remember, some netbooks support only no more than 2GB of RAM.

Note, computer systems are delicate to electrostatic discharge and you must take care to remember to discharge yourself before coming in contact with any RAM or the inner components of your netbook. I am not accountable for any damage caused to your personal computer. Setting up Ram memory in a netbook is a simple process fairly. The RAM slot or slots are accessible from the bottom of the netbook and are included in a panel with a number of 4-way screws.

Remove the screw(s) and the -panel covering the RAM slot(s). The original RAM card(s) can be removed by carefully pulling the clips from the sides before card arises on its own. Then gently slip the card out of the slot machine. Your new Memory is now able to be installed. When installing your brand-new RAM, be sure to fall into line the notch on the RAM slot and the notch on the RAM card.

This is the only way the cards can fit. Insert the credit card at a slight angle, don’t force it in, make sure that it suits all the real way in. When the card is completely in the slot, apply gentle pressure to the other end of the card (away from the socket) before clips lock in place on the side.

Replace the cover and screws over the RAM slot(s) and change your netbook back again on and make sure the new RAM is recognized. If the new Memory is regarded successfully, then great job and enjoy the increased efficiency of your netbook! Netbooks, exactly like any computer, can benefit from having the amount of Memory installed increased always.

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That’s simply for way of life, browsing online and using office productivity type apps. Are you using or do you’ve kept a netbook still? See results Perhaps you have upgraded your netbook for an SSD? See results How Else Can I Upgrade My Acer Netbook? After adding more RAM, you can be created by you netbook more useful by replacing the hard drive with a larger one. You will find faster hard disks out their as well as SSDs. 0 of 8192 individuals usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I’m glad you found my hub helpful PreetSaluja! Thanks, it was very helpful. My netbook now works far better.

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