North Dakota’s Economic Success

The state’s essential oil creation in July was 59% above this past year and adopted annual raises of 71.1% in June and 75.5% in May. North Dakota produced 62% more oil than Alaska in July, the month that North Dakota has out-produced Alaska marking the fifth consecutive. The Peace Garden State surpassed Alaska’s oil production for the first time in March to end up being the country’s new No. 2 essential oil state, behind only Texas now. The real quantity of oil wells in North Dakota increased to 7, in July creating a new state record for energetic wells 303. 8-10 million businesses to the state’s economy, see recent CD post for more details.

For our experience, the market leaders were all Narnia, and girls were divided into the other four homes. Anticipation is everything. I wanted it to be really clear that this was going to be an AWESOME camp. We don’t have a lot of girls in our ward and I wanted ALL of these to come!

  • Use the network of everybody you understand — interested people are everywhere
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So I created a really fun invitation. It’s just a little much–but I only had to make 9 of them so that it wasn’t that big of a deal. If you want an editable copy of the invitation, please email me and it will be delivered by me for you. But be warned–you WILL need access to Photoshop and you shall should also install the correct fonts. Contact me for additional information. This invitation was, I confess, an absurd amount of work. I’m a nerd and creating things like this is merely fun for me, so don’t judge. But I do get the girls thrilled and–did I point out I put a magnet on the back? It went very nicely on the fridge!

The next document I created was also a genuine study nerdiness that makes me good at my job. It included their routine, rotations, the camp theme music (I’ll get to that), scriptures to memorize, and some other goodies. I adapted it out of this site, though in the end I hardly kept any of the initial work.

This thing was also a problem and a lot of fun to make. It required me to print on the comparative back as well. The scriptures fold up and go on the empty scripture panel, and the center area is the agreement that is glued and folded there. Then it folds and has just a little ribbon bringing it collectively up.

Super lovely, but I don’t possess a good picture of everything together. I have this shot of me showing it to girls just. You can kind of observe how it looked and what the exterior looked like from the ones girls are holding. They were freaking awesome really.

Could you do this idea with no map? ABSOLUTELY. I’m simply a nerd. Now, if I lived in a ward with Plenty of girls, Every year be a different house–the first years are Harry Potter I’d have experienced, etc. And each tent is always to that theme.