You’ll Be Asked To Plug In Your Bluetooth Device

Ok, scrap that previous post, I’ve somehow been able to work out how to get it working after trying for weekly. Decided to give it one more try to actually found a remedy! Go to device manager and discover your Bluetooth device in Device Manager. You need to uninstall all Bluetooth drivers and software on your computer.

Restart your personal computer with your Bluetooth device unplugged and then try and set up the Toshiba software. You will be asked to connect in your Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth device should then be recognized and the installation process will be completed. When you restart your computer, you should find that the speaker connects to your laptop using the Toshiba software.

The only drawback is that the sound quality seems to suffer quite a bit using this method, at the bigger audio levels especially. I’ve had hardly any if any distortion in sound when working with this with my phone at high volume and there is quite a noticeable difference when running it through this Toshiba software. Edit: You can go into the Bluetooth configurations and change the sound quality to Top quality and this increases the sound quality massively.

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