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But before I do so, a short explanation of what the Human Workflow Services is. So, What is it? It probably is the most used part of what also is known as the SOA Suite API. The Human Workflow Services provides services to, how surprising, handle human tasks. But there is an API for Oracle Business Rules, B2B, and the User Messaging Services, to say a few others.

Ever caused the OBPM’s Workspace or Worklist? Just realize that virtually all data you see in there and everything actions you are capable of doing are given by the Human Workflow Services. If you ever need to provide a custom work list, for example to embedded it in some 3rd party program, the Human Workflow Services is what you will be using.

Except for the IdentityService all other services have both a SOAP as well as a remote EJB interface. The IdentityService is a slim SOAP layer together with WebLogic. How to Use It? All ongoing services require authentication, aside from the IdentityService (certainly). Authentication is based upon a user name/password combination or a determined login token previously. It is a best practice to only authenticate an individual once per session, utilizing a user name/password combination. The engine will instantiate a workflow context (just like a servlet context) and returns a token that referrals the workflow context.

This token may then be used in successive calls to the API. This stops that with every call a new workflow context needs to be instantiated, which is a relatively expensive operation. Additionally it is a best practice to use identity propagation of an already logged on user, which in the case of SOAP can be carried out by passing on the SAML token. All SOAP services (aside from the IdentityService) have two different end factors: one which requires a SAML token and one without.

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To prevent getting frustrated because of issues with authentication, be aware that when utilizing a tool like soapUI the default end point probably is the SAML one. If you cannot use identification propagation, you will be using the TaskQueryService.authenticate operation to get the workflow context token. 5. Setting the results (compiling) the task using the TaskService.updateOutcome procedure.

The addresses of the WSDL aren’t too consistent, I suppose to avoid us from becoming lazy. The response will be an element with a in it that can be used in successive calls. Now I could query tasks for the user dole. Let’s assume I want to query all tasks that either are assigned to the group cole belongs to or explicitly have been assigned to dole.

As you can view the token has been copied into the request. To get all duties I have established the qualities endRow and startRow to 0. I could have gone these attributes out all together also. The endRow and startRow attribute support paging of tasks, which can be handy in case there is a custom worklist. The response is a with a summary of elements.