Video Games Make You Less Sexist?

I’ve also lately, noticed numerous times via Twitter that playing video games enables you to less sexist. But I don’t think that finding either. This isn’t because either research is badly designed, or because the samples are biased, or that the researchers acquired ulterior motives even. I don’t believe either of the studies because no explanation in biology is that easy.

Especially when it comes to humans. Our desire to have answers to fall into simplified categories is resulting in a more fundamental problem: it’s fueling the segregation of ideas and breeding public distrust in researchers. Which is harmful to everyone. Using the internet at our fingertips, it isn’t hard to look for a bit of research that will support our worldview.

Arguing with someone about how exactly video games cause you to sexist? Cite this paper, or that one or talk about this paper even. Trying to convince someone that video gaming doesn’t cause you to sexist? Cite this new paper, because the most recent research must be most right surely. When the articles you cite neglect to convince your opponent Then, you can get down to the nitty-gritty and argue about sample size and experimental design, citing superior understanding of statistics (this is an argument I commonly receive).

But neither improved statistics nor a doubling of test size will enhance the quality of the questions asked. Let’s take a simple everyday example. If I leave dairy on my front side stoop overnight in Sydney during the summer, it’ll spoil prior to the next morning. We might conclude that not refrigerating dairy leads to spoiling thus. But that’s not entirely accurate, because easily did the same in Toronto in the wintertime, the milk would be fine (and maybe even freeze).

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It’s not the lack of refrigeration that resulted in the milk spoiling, but the reality that it had not been kept at the proper temp. At a certain point, oversimplifying ideas result in the increased loss of the crux of the problem, and a focus on the refrigerator rather than the temperature. Are games more sexist really?

Let’s jump back again to the gaming paper for one minute. The question the researchers asked is whether playing video gaming over the long term to make a difference sexist attitudes. The discussion is that because feminine personas are underrepresented, and both sexes are excessively sexualized in videogames, these factors can communicate to normalize sexist views.