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I was called by CIMB and offered credit cards linked personal loan (a.k.a. CIMB CashLite at the level interest rate of 3.99% for a tenure amount of up to 4 years (48 weeks). I was told that we now have no fees included (cash-advance fees, control fees, etc.) apart from the flat interest. Obviously, there continues to be a capture: every regular monthly installments have to be paid promptly, or else you will see penalty charge (late payment charge) and finance charge on the exceptional payment. I had been also told that we now have no lock-in intervals or early settlement fees because of this loan. Settlement can be made by contacting to their customer service Early.

Is the interest rate of 3.99% appears attractive? Up to now, this is actually the lowest credit credit card-linked personal bank loan rate offered to me. Not ago long, I was also offered by HSBC at an interest rate of 4.99% which I had rejected. To quickly compute the effective interest, what I want is MS Excel.

Google Sheets or Docs TO VISIT spreadsheets in my Android phone can do the same calculation too. Open a fresh worksheet, and key in the info for the loan amount (primary), the toned annual interest rate, and the amount of payments. B3/12. This is because 3.99% is the annual rate, so we must divide 48 months by 12 to get 4 years, and apply the 3.99% per annum rate to it.

  • 12 December 2016
  • 1973: (43 years old)
  • Hiring employees who value teamwork and who could work with other employees
  • PSP Investments Gains 12.8% in Fiscal 2017

B5. This is very straightforward. B6/B3. That is also very simple. Back again to the question: is this interest rate attractive? I would say it is of interest if you ask me quite. EASILY take the loan and make an investment with a CAGR of 3.99%, I’d have to gain 1694.09 from a 10,000 principal 4 years later. Deducting the interest paid of 1596, I made 98 still.09 from it. If I take the loan and make an investment with a CAGR of 10%, I would have gains 4641 from a 10,000 primary 4 years later. Deducting the interest paid of 1596, I’ll make 3045 from it.

You can pick whether to file your fees completely or ask for an extension or a payment loan. Missing the deadline shall, of course, offer you a difficult experience since you will be facing penalties, interest, and late fees. You must get the right taxes software. File your taxes easily with the tax software that suits your needs. 64,000 or less income.

You must write off your part hustle expenses. Side hustling and the expenditures involved with this respect can be deducted on your taxes return, specifically, the costs of your equipment and items bought for your side hustle. With this, your taxable income can be reduced. You must understand education taxes savings.

Maximizing education tax savings is really suggested for you since it is mainly tax deductible. The taxes software will also provide helpful prompts, or to be sure, get the help of a tax expert. Advanced schooling expenses should be complete to determine where you are qualified for. You must consider the saver’s credit.