The Parsimonious Princess

I didn’t come from a home that do yard sales. Mom and Dad never really bothered with them; they took unwanted what to the D just.I. As a kid, I always wanted them to truly have a backyard sale — the idea of it brought out this entrepreneurial aspect of me and I thought it might be exciting to see people buy our old stuff. A lemonade could be done by me stand at exactly the same time!

Maybe even cooked goods! I had been like one of those character types in cartoons who starts daydreaming dollar indications. My enthusiasm for yard sales diminished as I got old. I volunteered at a couple of church fundraiser backyard sales as an adolescent, but that was it. Surely someone would want or use some of this stuff! I talked to some of my neighbors and after some coordination and planning, we set the date for our neighborhood yard sale. There was a lot of stuff in the garage and I knew there was plenty more in the house, so I got to work decluttering and gathering things we didn’t like, use, or wear frequently.

The gathering stage was pretty messy sometimes, especially in the young boys’ room. I wouldn’t say I hoard clothes, but I do get a overly sentimental about them little. I pulled out all the boys’ clothes I’ve stored in containers under the bed, crib, and in the closet. See that pile at the hinged door, next to the teddy carry?

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All of it was headed to the yard sale. It sensed good to make some space in the boys’ clothes storage space. I did keep carefully the high quality clothes, the cutest clothes, and the truly sentimental items (like what we should brought your children home from the hospital in), but I got rid of the things I didn’t love. I also experienced my room, the kitchen, the bookshelves, and the closets.

No space was still left unturned! In all honesty, the gathering stage was kind of fun. 1: That quote from William Morris (“Have nothing at all in your houses that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”) is sheer genius! I can’t even begin to state how favorably freeing it is to get rid of stuff you are feeling like you should keep, even though you don’t want to. How often do you consider “I should keep this because it was a gift”, “I might read that book again”, or “I should keep this since it might come in convenient someday” ? No joke: less of this stuff makes me feel like I’ve got more space in my own brain.

I can’t explain why, but I’ll take it. Once everything was gathered, it was time for you to price it all. I really didn’t know very well what to market anything for. I was nervous that easily did it too high, people would just leave and I’d make no money. If I little charged too, the yard sale wouldn’t be well worth enough time and effort. What’s a girl to do?